Monday, October 11, 2010

Lasagna for dinner

This isn't the recipe for lasagna....I apologize if I mislead you with the title BUT....

 I am making it for tonight. The reason I am posting about lasagna is I have only made it a few times and messed up each and EVERY time! I am really really trying to make some that tastes good and pleases my hubby's palate(He dislikes soft cheeses)

. So here we go! If It is good I will post my success, if it is not....WHEN I do find a good one....I will post it then. It may be awhile, like maybe later this winter?!  If you have a tried and true lasagna recipe please post in comment box and I will try it out :)


  1. My tried and true lasagna comes in a red box in the freezer at the grocery store! ;) Good luck on your mission!!

  2. HAHA Sarah! That is always what I bought too.... It has never failed me! ;)


IF you have tried this recipe or who like to comment, please do so! I love reading your comments and reviews!